The gallery is currently closed, geschlossen and cerrado.
Thank you for your interest and support during the run of the gallery.

In the past three years we've exhibited work by Darren Almond, Aaron Brewer, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Alicia Beach, Erik Bluhm, Christie Frields, Robby Herbst, Keith Holbrook (once, twice, thrice), Jeff Jamieson (once, twice), Giovanni Jance, Kathleen Johnson, Pamela Jorden, Jonathan Kroll (once, twice), Scott Scarboro, Jen Schwarting and Tom Simpson.

We've presented group exhibitions (often co-curated) featuring work by Hans Schabus, Darren Almond, Scott Marvel Cassidy, Christie Frields, Ed Johnson, Daniel Mendel-Black, Catherine Sullivan, Marnie Weber, Heimo Zobernig; Carl Bronson, Sean Dower, Jeff Jamieson, Shirley Tse; David Hughes, Pamela Jorden, Michael Mahalchick, Rebecca Morris, Ian Pedigo, Amy Sarkisian, Tyler Vlahovich; Andy Alexander, Kent Familton, Wendy Heldmann, Kathleen Johnson, Alice Konitz, Tracy Nakayama, Gina Osterloh, Sean Sullivan, Kristine Thompson and Jeremy Yoder; Marc Herbst (from individual conversations with Katie Bachler, David Burns and Evan Holloway), Robby Herbst (with the Agape Dance Choir), Adam Overton and Hana van der Kolk; Mai Braun, Rupert Deese, Barry Frantz, Jeff Jamieson and Dave Prochaska; David Askevold, Aaron Brewer, Dorit Cypis, Michael Mahalchick and John Pearson. We were honored to have Daniel Mendel-Black, Pamela Jorden, Gabie Strong, Robby Herbst, Jeff Jamieson and Aaron Brewer curate and/or organize an exhibition for the space.

We've hosted performance events by Sharon Chelslow and Steven Kim, Kent Familton and Tom Watson, Helga Fassonaki, John P. Hogan, Kathleen Johnson, Scott Scarboro, Jameson Swanagon, Todd Young, The West Coast New Energy Encounter Group and presented Record Listening's with Earth, Roberta Flack's "Chapter Two", Jimi Hendrix's "Crash Landing", Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark's "Organisation", Harry Nilsson's "Nilsson Schmillson", David Peel and the Lower East Side's "The American Revolution" & Miles Davis' "Live Evil". We hosted one talk by Robby Herbst.

We still have some Dick Slessig CDs.


David Patton
Los Angeles

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